Apex Webmail Setup

Please visit the following links to set up your Webmail account for the first time, as well as set up useful features that will make your email account more productive. You may also take a look at our Webmail FAQ page for troubleshooting issues.

Apex Webmail Initial Setup
Use these instructions for setting up your account for the first time.

Spam Filtering Setup and Use
Add spam filtering to your account to prevent spam from reaching your Inbox.

Address Book Migration
How to migrate your address book over from other programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or even just a typed list in Excel.

Email Forwarding
Forward your Apex Webmail messages to another email account of your choice.

Message Highlighting
Set up criteria for messages to show as certain colors in the message list for easy identification.

Out of Office Replies
Set up automatic replies to inform people you are away from the office or on vacation.

Webmail FAQ
A list of our frequently asked questions for Webmail, mainly used for troubleshooting purposes.


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