FTP Account Setup

You can use any FTP software of your choice to transfer files to and from our servers. However, we recommend using WS_FTP, which is a very stable, versatile and free FTP program for Windows. We have also provided a download link for WS_FTP on our Downloads page for your convenience. Since there are hundreds of FTP programs out there, we can only provide instructions on setting up WS_FTP. However, the same parameters (host name, username, and password, etc.) are standard with every FTP program.

Initial Setup:

1. After you have downloaded and installed WS_FTP, double-click its icon to open the program. When you open WS_FTP, it will automatically open the "Session Properties" window. In the "Session Properties" window, please enter in the following:

  • Profile Name : this can be anything you wish, it is a way to retrieve the saved settings for your account.
  • Host Name / Address : ftp.apex-internet.com
  • Host Type : Automatic detect
  • User ID : yourusername@hostname (we provide this to you)
  • Password : your selected account password

2. If your account is being hosted on the Windows platform, please proceed with this step. For the UNIX platform, you can continue to step 3. Click the Startup tab. For "Initial Remote Site Folder", type in a forward slash, followed by your username (or account name).

3. Now under the Advanced tab, make sure the "Passive Transfers" checkbox is checked on.

4. Now you can click on the "Apply" button twice, to save the newly created profile. From now on simply open WS_FTP, and select the your profile in the drop-down list of the "Session Properties" window, and click OK to connect.

Connecting and General Use:

Once you are connected, you will see your files on your hard drive on the left, and the files on the server on the right. Use the green arrow to go up a folder, and double click on folders to go into them. Be sure to note the path where you are located when you navigate, which is provided in the top drop-down menu on each side.

To copy files/folders from your hard drive to the server, simply drag them from the left side to the right side. To download files/folders from the server to your hard drive the process is the opposite, by dragging them from the right to the left. Alternatives to dragging files is to select files/folders you wish to copy and use the arrows in the center of the screen, to copy them in either direction.

We provide these instructions to help you set up your FTP account. We do not offer technical support or training on the FTP software itself.

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