DNS Configuration for Existing Domains

If you do not want to register a domain with us, or you already have one registered, you will need to modify it to point to our servers for us to host any services related to it. If you are currently registered with Network Solutions, you can take advantage of 1 free year of registration if you transfer your domain to us! Otherwise, to modify your existing domain, you will need to do one of the following:

1) Modify the Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server associated with the domain to the following:

Primary DNS Server Name: ns1.apex-internet.com
Primary DNS Server IP Address:

Secondary DNS Server Name: ns2.apex-internet.com
Secondary DNS Server IP Address:

2) Have the people that host the DNS for your domain point your website (usually www.yourdomain.com) to the IP Address The mail server associated for your domain must point to the name of mail.apex-internet.com, or the IP Address of

If you have signed up for Hosting Services with us, please send an email to hostmaster@apex-internet.com describing which of the two above methods you have chosen, or fill out a Technical Support form below.


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