Configuring an Android device to use Apex Secure POP3 Email

POP3 email operates where all mail is downloaded from the server to your computer. This is mostly used when you only use one computer or device to check your email. If you want all of your mail left on the server, or check your email from multiple computers or devices (including Webmail), use our IMAP Email instructions for Android instead.

Follow these steps to set up your Android device to use your Apex email account:

1) Go to "Mail" from the main screen.

2) Tap "Other (POP3/IMAP).

3) Enter in your given email address, and password. Then tap the "Manual setup" button at the bottom.

4) Under Incoming settings, enter in your given email address, username, and password. Also enter in the additional settings as shown for:

  • POP server
  • Security type
  • Server port

Tap Next to continue.

5) For Outgoing server settings, enter in your given username and password, and the additional settings as shown. Tap Next to continue.

6) Enter an account name to identify it on your phone, and your name. Tap Finish to save the settings.

7) Setup is complete! You can now sent and receive your email on your iPhone or iPad device.

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